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Starfall is a Wonderful Website to Help Teach Your Child How to Read

There is certainly no denying that one of the most wonderful things when it comes to technology is the way it can be utilized in order to supplement your child’s education significantly. It’s no secret that as parents, we are always on the lookout for new, exciting, useful and different methods in order to aid our child’s learning and to help them become more academically successful. This is why we would like to introduce you to which is a fantastic supplemental tool for your child’s early childhood learning.

What is is a website that is fully loaded to the bum with education that provides countless levels of interactive content in order to aid your child with the essentials of learning, such as phonics, shapes, basic math and reading. The website is broken up into four primary sections:

  • Learn to Read
  • ABC’s
  • I’m Reading
  • It’s Fun to Read

Each section addresses different stages of your child’s learning development. There is certainly no denying that is an incredibly powerful tool that is capable of providing your child with hours of engaging and educational material. It utilizes both sound and animation in order to engage your child throughout the learning process. design is colorful, bright and child-orientated, which makes it exceptionally easy for you and your child to navigate and discover fun and exciting features (one feature in particular includes an online store that supplies kindergarten curriculum which is readily available for purchase). The website also features a navigation bar at the bottom of the page which allows visitors to more important aspects of the website, primarily for teachers and parents, along with detailed information on how to use the website.

Who can use is ideal for early childhood teachers and parents, either as an essential component or a supplement to a child’s learning. can also be utilized in English Language Development and Special Education programs. is often used by parents who are looking for an after school educational alternative to television or computer games.

What’s is so great about using

There are so many aspects as to why is such a great website for both children, parents and educational professionals.

  • An abundance of high-quality content.
  • Created by professionals from the education and teaching sector.
  • Fun, entertaining and interactive for children.
  • Easy to use and navigate.

Is suitable for my child?

There is no denying that is an incredibly child-friendly website. The website itself is ideal when using the computer for learning time with your child. is a source of rich resources for both teachers and parents of young children. The learning features on are able to add depth to any form of early childhood curriculum. is a highly recommended website, especially by parents and teaching professionals due to it’s incredibly engaging format and high-quality content. is a fantastic supplement to use for home and in-class learning and exercises. It’s engaging, fun, interesting and informative for children and helps to extend the lessons with the use of audio and visual properties.

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