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Sight Words

Sight Words

Sight Words are the Foundation of How to Teach a Child to Read

Both successful adult and young readers rely on a variety of tools and strategies in order to help them understand literacy. One of the most powerful, essential and very effective reading tools that children can develop is known as ‘sight word recognition’. When your child is capable of identifying sight words they will be well on their way to becoming a successful and competent reader.

What are Sight Words?

Did you know that nearly half all reading literacy is made up from roughly the same 100 words? Surprising isn’t it? Some of the most frequently used words found in the English language are referred to as sight words. These frequently used words include the likes of:

a is  of  to  in  and  i  that

Sight words are essential when it comes to developing your child’s reading skills, this isn’t because they are used frequently, but primarily because many of them can be difficult to illustrate or sound. Images alone cannot help your child to decipher sight words, due to the words inability to be illustrated. This is why it’s important that your child is capable of understanding and identifying sight words through various other strategies.

Why do children need to understand and identify sight words?

When your child believes that they can learn or develop something new, they are far more likely to literally learn something new. Some children do not believe that they are capable of completing a task, they first need sufficient evidence that they are able. Sight words can provide enough evidence for your child in order to turn them into developing reader. Dolch’s sight words are known to make up 50 to 75% of the words that are discovered in any children’s textbook, which means knowing, identifying and understanding this list of high-frequency sight words provides your child with an enormous advantage when reading.

Teaching your child sight words

There are an abundance of great ways in order to teach your child the importance and the ability to identify sight words. For some simple, quick and easy tips, why not visit for a variety of activities for you and your child to choose from? There are also many other ways you can teach your child sight words, such as:

  • Imagery

  • Speech and listening

  • Repetition

  • Music

  • Games

For a full detailed list on how the above activities can help your child manage and identify sight words, visit for more tips and advice along with for some fun and interactive online games for you to share and play with your child. By working with your child and participating in fun activities that include sight words, your child will be far more receptive to learning. It’s no secret that both children and adults learn quicker and more effectively when we’re enjoying ourselves and having a good time. So don’t make learning sight words boring, log online and discover great new things for you and your child today! It’s really that easy.

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