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Phonics Worksheets

phonics worksheets

Phonics Worksheets help you to Teach a child how to read.

Phonics is a specific form of teaching method, which is used for teaching and learning how to say and spell words using both patterns and sounds. Children will begin to learn phonics from a very young age and by learning the basics of phonics will allow them to create and pronounce much larger words as they develop. When you see the letter ‘C’ for example and know that this letter makes a similar sound to the letter ‘k’ much like in the word ‘cat’, that technique and knowledge you just used is phonics. By the simple fact that you are able to read this article means that you have experience and knowledge of phonics, and the basics of phonics will help you when you encounter much larger words such as ‘catastrophe’ for example.

Are phonics worksheets helpful and how do they work?
Taking advantage of phonics worksheets is a fantastic way to help your child work through their current studies and help to provide a clear understanding of what phonics is and how they are used through fun activities such as coloring or games.

Phonics reading books are known for helping your child to read by teaching them the basics of how specific sounds work on their on or when combined. However, worksheets can take your child a step further by helping to foster learning and allowing your child to review what they have learnt so far. Phonics worksheets can often be teamed up with a particular book, which can help your child to quickly pick up and understand what is being read, and can review their own progress by looking at their worksheet. Worksheets can also allow your child to look back at their learning in case they may have forgotten a particular sound, which means worksheets work well as great reminders for your child which can help to boost their confidence especially when encountering challenging words or sounds.
It’s no secret that your child will learn best when they have access to a wide variety of teaching methods and will be able to pick up ideas much faster, especially when they know that they can do something by themselves with their own efforts. That is why completing a phonics worksheet, for example, can significantly help your child to understand the basics and concept of phonics. Through the completion worksheet activities such as coloring and games, they will be capable of figuring out how the phonics process works when it comes to reading.

As you begin to work and share your child’s learning of phonics through the use of worksheets you will soon discover how they are managing and what stage of reading your child has successfully reached. If you suddenly notice that your child may be stuck on a particular section of the worksheet, you will know where you can help and encourage your child. Worksheets are often broken down into specific stages and steps, which means you can keep a close eye on your child’s learning and performance in order to track their current progress and skill levels.

Your child will guarantee to feel successful and confident once they finish their worksheets and will be able to comprehend what they hear and read in their own books. These worksheets are both creative and fun which means it’s unlikely that your child will become bored.

Where can I find phonics worksheets for my child?
There is an abundance of materials and resources online, which are free and can be printed out on your home computer for your child. The websites featured below come with a wide variety of worksheets to help your child to learn the basics of phonics from coloring to fun and games that you and your child can share together on the road to learning.


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