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Phonics Games

Phonics Games

Phonics Games Will Help Your Child Learn to Read

What is phonics reading?

Phonics is known as a form of linguistics where both the physical properties and sounds of human speech are studied. The ability to harness phonics when reading is fundamental in every child’s education. If you are currently questioning the importance of phonics in your child’s education, you are not alone. Many parents do. Some parents may even believe that their children will eventually and naturally master the various sounds of human speech. Even though their view may certainly be plausible, there is no denying that, but they may not be entirely correct.

Why is phonics reading important?
Phonics reading is incredibly important in our child’s education. A report which was initially published by the National Reading Panel has highlighted that teaching your child phonics will significantly help them in an abundance of many different ways throughout their life. Initially, phonics reading is able to help teach your child how to correctly spell words. It would be near impossible for an individual to spell any type of word correctly if they were unable to recognise the sounds of each of the letters being used in a specific word. When your child is taught the method of phonics, they will soon be capable of recognising many of the different sounds that appear throughout our language, thus helping your child to spell words correctly.

Understanding phonics
Did you know that there are approximately 44 different sounds which are made up from the regular 26 letters of our alphabet? These different sounds are used by children in order learn, spell and read fluently. This means, by finding fun, entertaining and exciting ways in order to help your child fully develop an ear and interest for sounds is a great idea! There is an abundance of phonic games that you may wish to purchase for your child. They can come in the form of phonics board games, electronic leap pads and much more. Even simple games of ‘I Spy’ are a great way in order to teach your child the use of phonics. Let’s also not forget the abundance of online resources for you and your child, such as:

 Teaching phonics to your child through games

It’s important that you first understand and are able to identify the 44 different sounds and how they are usually taught and in which order:



Phonics teaching:

Sounding out specific keywords is at the start of phonics which means it can often be incredibly straightforward and simple to teach to your child at home.

  • Simply begin by introducing each of the sounds one at a time to your child.
  • Once your child is able to understand and identify the first four sounds, they will be capable of reading.
  • Try using phoneme cards in order to introduce the different sounds.
  • Present a card to your child and pronounce the sound. Ask your child to say the word/sound too. This will help your child to build a link between a specific letter and the sound that is associated with it.

Using sounds to read (known as blending)

You can easily begin to teach your child to ‘blend’ specific sounds together in order to create a word. This can be done by saying each of the sounds that are in a particular word and then pushing the sounds together to form the word.

Using sounds to write (known as segmenting)

Once your child has discovered the ability to use sounds in order to create words, they will soon be able to spell. They can do this by working out each of the individual sounds in a specific word before matching the sounds each of the letters.


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