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Books for Kids

books for kids

Knowing What Books to Use to Teach a Child How to Read Can Be a Tremendous Advantage to The Child’s Future

Allowing your child to read comes with only benefits. Reading books can help your child to dramatically encourage development in reading and master key verbal skills which will be essential in later life. Reading books also helps to inspire your child and get their imaginations running wild, and let’s not forget the amount of bonding time it allows you to do with your child. Books can often have a magical way of taking us to new places, create ideas, or simply entertain us, which is why children should be encouraged to pick up and book and enjoy the wonders and enjoyment that reading can offer.

As a parent, it can be sometimes difficult to select the right book for our children, especially when there are so many books readily available. You no doubt want a book that helps to engage, enlighten and entertain your child, which is why we have put together a short list of our favorite titles. Many of the books in this article can be downloaded onto an e-reader, tablet or smartphone. They’re also available to purchase online in a physical form if you prefer.

How Rocket Learned to Read written by Tad Hills. – Ages 3+
In this beautiful tale about a small yellow bird teaching a dog named Rocket read, your child will be encouraged to read and learn while being given the opportunity to try sounding out new words a single letter at a time. Such as “D-I-G”.

I Spy Letters written by Jean Marzollo and Walter Wick. – Ages 2+
Children’s enthusiasm for the game I Spy can be harnessed with this fun and entertaining book. Many of the pages feature two large and clear letters that are surrounded by pictures of a wide variety of items that start with those specific two letters. Children are encouraged to think up words that begin with those letters.

First the Egg written by Laura Vaccaro Seeger. – Ages 1+
First the Egg is an incredibly simple concept book that has been designed perfectly for toddlers. While Seegers’ visual trickery throughout the book is also capable of entertaining mucher older children who are still on their path of learning. This book is great for teaching children to sound out specific words because it clearly highlights a word on every single page.

Creature abc written by Andrew Zuckerman. – Ages 1+
Alphabet books are an essential and incredibly valuable resource for teaching your child the sounds that letters create, that is, if the book is fun to read too. And Creature abc is certainly just that! The book features animal photographs that are beautiful to look at while providing your child with an entertaining format.

Hug written by Jez Alborough. – Ages 2+
Hug is a book that is part of a fantastic series written by Jez Alborough and features other titles such as ‘Yes’ and ‘Tall’. Each book stars a lovable and friendly chimpanzee who helps your child through a handful of easy to pronounce and sound words. Reading these books can really help to improve your child’s confidence significantly.

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